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Passage DEM Software
Dr. Akin Ecer, President, Technalysis, Inc  
Akin Ecer, President, Technalysis


President, 1985-Present
Professor of Mechanical Engineering,
1979 - 2009
Purdue School of Engineering and Technology,
Indianapolis, Indiana


University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana
Ph.D., Engineering, 1970

General Background

Dr. Ecer has a broad range of experience in fluid mechanics and heat transfer fields covering design, analysis, research, development, teaching, and management activities. An expert at development of computer-aided engineering tools, Dr. Ecer managed several software development and consulting projects leading to significant improvements in the design and performance of hydraulic and pneumatic machinery. He has published numerous technical papers, reports, and book chapters and conducted presentations at national and international conferences.

Passage®/ DEM+FLOW Software

Example: Fluidized Bed Granulation of Tablets
Flow Model - Air Velocity
DEM Model Particles
Example: Mixing of Powders
DEM Model
FLOW Model
Example: Printing of Toners- Development Process (sample pictures)
Toner Voltage
Print pattern
Passge DEM Toner Voltage

Passage Discerete Element Modeling (DEM) Print Pattern


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