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Passage DEM - Discrete Element Method


  1. A Case Study for Simulation-based Improvements in Dimensional Accuracy of Die-cast Parts
  2. A computational model for finite element analysis of the freeze-drying process
  3. A Procedure to Analyze Airflow in Automotive Air-Conditioning Systems in an Early Stage of Design
  4. Air flow and heat transfer analysis of an automotive engine radiator to calculate air-to-boil temperature
  5. An experimental verification of fiber orientation predictions for compression molded SMC parts
  6. An investigation of post-fill curing behavior of compression molded SMC parts
  7. Applications of a fiber orientation prediction algorithm for compression molded parts with multiple charges
  8. Computer-aided analysis of airflow in the design of automotive air-conditioning systems
  9. Computer-aided design of a water pump impeller for the Chrysler 4.0 liter 6 cylinder engine
  10. Computer aided design of automotive alternator fans for improved cooling performance and noise
  11. Design of an automotive HVAC blower wheel for flow, noise and structural integrity
  12. Fiber orientation and warpage analysis of compression molded parts
  13. Modeling Electrophotographic Developer Flow with a Viscous Fluid Flow Model
  14. Mold filling and solidification studies of a gray iron engine block
  15. Mold filling analysis for ductile iron lost foam castings
  16. The calculation of scalar transport during the injection molding of thermoset polymers
  17. Thermal transport phenomena in metal casting simulations
  18. Introduction of Simulation Tools for Pharmaceutical, Food and Chemical Process Industries
  19. Implementation of Simulation Technologies to Design in Printing

Passage®/ DEM+FLOW Software

Example: Fluidized Bed Granulation of Tablets
Flow Model - Air Velocity
DEM Model Particles
Example: Mixing of Powders
DEM Model
FLOW Model
Example: Printing of Toners- Development Process (sample pictures)
Toner Voltage
Print pattern
Passge DEM Toner Voltage

Passage Discerete Element Modeling (DEM) Print Pattern


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