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Passage DEM coupled with 3D Flow

Technalysis' CFD Capabilities in Blower and Other Fluid Moving Equipment Design

PASSAGE® software is a proven predictor of flow performance in blowers and other fluid moving equipment.  The method used for blower design focuses on analyzing the impeller and housing for flow improvement using 3D flow simulation results. The results from flow models of the impeller and housing are analyzed to determine the impact that blade and housing geometry has on the flow characteristics.

The flow characteristics of the housing are evaluated by analyzing velocity and pressure distribution inside the housing and the flow behavior around the tongue (cut off) area are analyzed.  The major design parameters studied include pressure gain of the housing, areas where losses are occurring, the effectiveness of the tongue design, circulation inside the housing, and flow distribution at the housing exit.  The combined performance of the blower wheel and housing are matched to optimize the performance of both components. 

Technalysis furnishes design services to meet the objectives of your next blower requirement by:

  • Evaluating current blower performance

  • Establishing wheel and housing shape changes for performance improvement:

    • increased capacity
    • improved efficiency
    • reduced blower noise

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