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Passage DEM Software


3D Casting Simulation Software


  • PASSAGE/PowerCAST casting simulation software is a 3-D Finite Element program for predicting the manufacturability of cast parts.
  • Convective and conductive energy equations, and the Navier-Stokes equations are solved for the filling and solidification processes, allowing engineers to analyze design parameters from concept to production without being finite element experts.  

  • A user-friendly, pre-processor with capability to read meshes from other mesh generation codes, permits the entering of material properties, process conditions and numerical control parameters interactively.

  • The interactive, dynamic postprocessor displays interpreted color graphics of standard casting variables in contour, vector and x-y graph forms.



  • Coupled flow and energy equations.
  •  Prediction of temperature distribution of the casting and mold at every time step.
  • Prediction of solid/liquid fractions.
  • Prediction of porosity/shrinkage.
  • Hot cracking prediction.
  • Convection/diffusion phase-change: solid, liquid and mush regions.
  • Interface with thermal stress analysis programs for: elastic and thermal strains.
  • Interface with stress analysis for structural integrity of parts under external static and dynamic loads.
  • Materials database - metals, cores, risers and sand types.
  • Provides mesh generator, a 3-D CAD interface module, and accepts meshes from other mesh generators

Some Application Areas



  • Better understanding of process parameters, cold shuts, porosity, and misruns
  • Ability to improve casting by design changes of mold geometry, gating, risering, chills, paddings
  • perform filling and solidification analyses and graphically visualize results and model conditions.
  • Better castings, faster results and less costly than experimental methods
  • Powerful design tool coupling with foundry engineer's experience

PASSAGE/PowerCAST casting simulation software  was developed and is offered exclusively by Technalysis, Inc.

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Passage PowerCAST
Passage/PowerCAST Brochure (.pdf)
Passage PowerCAST  brochure

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