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Passage DEM coupled with 3D Flow

Technalysis® Engineering Services

Since 1985, Technalysis has been and are committed to providing advanced CAE solutions and software to its customers within wide range of industries.

Technalysis accumulated over 25 years of experience solving complex CFD problems related to fluid flow, heat transfer analysis, noise, vibration, stress, electromagnetic and materials processing in product design and manufacturing. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Technalysis' Process Development

  • Casting (Sand, die casting and lost foam)
  • Molding, forming and extrusion
  • Filtration and Chromatography
  • Mixing, agitation and particle flow
  • Fermentation
  • Freeze drying
  • Spray drying
  • Container filling and packaging
  • Clean room and barrier design

Technalysis' Materials Development

  • Ceramics
  • Chemicals
  • Fibers
  • Glass
  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Powders

Technalysis® Advantage

  • Over 25 years of proven record of solving complex CFD problems using Passage Software
  • Direct and full support of Technalysis Engineering Services
  • Technalysis can customize its Passage software based on client's needs
  • Technology transfer option
  • Wide variety of application areas

About Technalysis - CFD Consulting Services and Software

Technalysis - CFD Consulting and Software (.pdf)

Product Design

  • Agricultural equipment
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Brakes and clutches
  • Cooling systems
  • Electric motor and generators
  • Emission control
  • Engine components
  • Fan and blowers
  • Fuel systems
  • HVAC systems
  • Lawn mowers
  • Medical devices
  • Ovens and ranges
  • Power tools
  • Printers and copiers
  • Pumps and valves
  • Refrigerator, washer and dryers
  • Torque converters
  • Turbines and compressors
  • Turbochargers
  • Vacuum cleaners

CFD Software and Engineering since 1985

Contact Technalysis to discuss your needs.

Technalysis' Engineering Capabilities

Over 25 years, we have developed a wide range of CFD capabilities and software. Please contact us to discuss your needs and receive a detailed proposal. Below is a sample list of some of our capabilities.

Automotive and Heavy Machinery
Alternators, Generators and Electric Motor
Appliance Industry
Pharmaceutical and Chemical
Discrete Element Modeling
Sand casting simulation
Die Casting
Die Thermal
Water Pump
Torque Converters
Transmission Cooling Problems
Multiphase CFD
Granulation Process
Chemical Vapor Deposition
Powder Forming Process

Passage® DEM+FLOW Software

Example: Fluidized Bed Granulation of Tablets
Flow Model - Air Velocity
DEM Model Particles
Example: Mixing of Powders
DEM Model
FLOW Model

Passage Licensing Options:

Technalysis offers various licensing options and support to fit your needs and budget. Contact us to discuss your needs. E-mail or call 317-291-1985
Technalysis® Engineering and Passage® CFD Software since 1985
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