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Clean Room Flow Modeling

Some Objectives of Using CAE :
  • Predict air flow patterns inside cleanroom.
  • Study particle dispersion characteristics.
  • Provide design solution for different applications.

Some Benefits of Using CAE

  • Provide a flow visualization tool for better clean room designs.
  • Provide a flow visualization tool for better clean room designs.
  • Shorter design cycles and less costly approach than building mock-ups or other forms of physical testing.
  • Ensure operator and/or product safety.
  • Ensure capture of airborne products.

Performance Evaluations 

  • Air change rates at different zones of clean room
  • Undesirable stagnant regions and recirculation zones
  • Particle concentration profiles

Some Clean Room Flow Modeling Results

  • Velocity magnitude and direction around work area and other flow obstructions.
  • Particle concentration profiles inside cleanroom.
  • Flow streamlines. Stagnation regions.


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