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Passage DEM - Discrete Element Method

Passage®/Compression Software

  • PASSAGE/COMPRESSION software  is a finite element program for the mold filling simulation of complex three-dimensional, thin-walled parts.
  • Flow models include: Barone-Caulk hydrodynamic friction and generalized Newtonian fluid to simulate the non-isothermal filling of SMC, BMC, and glass; fiber orientation for SMC and curing kinetics for thermosets. 
  • A high-pressure in-mold coating simulation option is also available. 
  • A user-friendly preprocessor allows mesh generation and capability to accept externally generated
  • meshes with interactive entry of process conditions and numerical control parameters. 
  •  Results are viewed with an interactive post-processor that features dynamic rotation and zooming animation of results, and viewing options for color contour and vector plots.


  • Isothermal and non-isothermal analyses
  • Hydrodynamic friction model
  • Generalized Newtonian material models
  • Fiber orientation prediction
  • Post-filling curing analysis to determine the gel time
  • Orthotropic mechanical property prediction
  • Ability to interface with anisotropic stress analysis
    programs for warpage and structural integrity of parts
  • Mesh generator, and accepts meshes from other
    structured or unstructured mesh generation programs
  • Boundary and process conditions entered interactively
    for all types of meshes, including the placement of initial
    charge patterns

Passage/Compression Brochure (.pdf)

Passage compression molding software

Some Application Areas

  • Structural components for automotive & aerospace applications
  • Home and consumer products with plastic components


  • Modeling thin walled geometries
  • Hele, Shaw or Barone , Caulk model for flow
  • Filling and heat transfer coupled
  • Post-fill curing
  • Fiber orientations
  • One source for consulting services and software
PASSAGE®/Compression mold filling simulation software was developed and is offered exclusively by Technalysis, Inc.

Compression Molding Simulation of a SMC Truck Hood

degree of cure

Degree of Cure

Fill Time Contour

Fill Time Contour

Fiber Orientation

Fiber Orientation

Shrinkage Magnitude

Shrinkage Magnitude

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