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Passage DEM - Discrete Element Method

Discrete Element Modeling Software - PASSAGE®/DEM Software

PASSAGE Discrete Element Method (DEM) Software  is for predicting the flow particles under a wide variety of forces. It can be used alone or together with our PASSAGE/FLOW Software.


Some features of Passage Discrete Element Method Software:

  • Equations of motion are solved for translation and rotation of individual particles traveling in electrostatic, magnetic, or gravitational fields.
  • The size of the particles can be in the order of microns or larger.  All appropriate forces are included in the formulation.
  • The particles can be of different shape and size with a given distributions.
  • The particles can carry charge.  Individual charging of particles are calculated.
  • Different properties of the particles such as charge, temperature, etc. can be predicted by tracking the motion of each particle.
  • Different types of boundary surfaces can be modeled whether they are stationary or moving.
  • A user-friendly pre- and post-processor is provided to input the geometry of the boundaries and the particles, as well as the display of motion and other properties of the particles.
  • Structural deformations of rollers, belts driving the particles are also included in the models.
  • Runs on PC-based Workstations.

Some Application Areas

  • Computers Printers
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food processing
  • Material processing
  • Mixing problems
  • Custom software


  • Minimize the cost and time of traditional prototype building and testing, thus shortening product design cycles
  • Designs can be analyzed and modified on the computer before expensive and time consuming design decisions are finalized.

Advantages of Passage DEM+FLOW

By coupling PASSAGE: Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) and 3D FLOW software a variety of problems can be solved which can not be treated by using either one model individually. This capability allows modeling of liquids, gases, solid particles and their mixtures for many industrial problems in both micro and macro scales. It can be applied to process modeling of mixing, wetting, coating, filtration, fermentation and filling operations for applications in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, powders processing and emission control. 

DEM and FLOW modules can be coupled in a variety of ways depending on the application.

DEM+FLOW brochure (.pdf)



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Custom Software

Technalysis offers software customizations of all Passage Software to meet specific customer needs. Contact Technalysis to discuss your needs.
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PASSAGE®/DEM - Discrete element modeling  software was developed and is offered exclusively by Technalysis, Inc.


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