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Die Casting - Advantages of  using dieCAS®  Software

Unlike other general purpose casting analysis products, dieCAS® software is specialized to die casting. As a result, it can take advantage of die casting's characteristics and achieve enormous savings in analysis time, without sacrificing solution accuracy. Below table shows die casting problems versus traditional casting analysis approach.

die casting software

The analysis is based on a shell-like finite element model of the casting together with a three-dimensional finite element model of the die. This combination creates the following unique advantages:

  • Direct Calculation of the Steady Periodic Die Temperatures. Unlike all other commercial systems, dieCAS software does not have to analyze the leading process transient to calculate die temperatures at steady state. This reduces computer time from several days (and even weeks for a large die) to a few hours.
  • Simplified Model Creation & Editing. Because dieCAS uses three-dimensional unstructured finite element meshes automatically, the user has to generate only the surface mesh to create the volume mesh automatically. This simplifies the process of both creating and editing the die model. Since cooling lines are represented by one-dimensional elements in the die interior, they can be altered independently of the die model.
  • Rapid Analysis of Cavity Fill. The unique two-dimensional representation of the die cavity enables an extremely fast analysis of liquid metal flow during cavity fill. Cavity fill run times for even large castings are just a few hours, compared with several days for conventional methods.
  • Complete Thermo-Mechanical Model of Casting and Die Distortion. Thermal distortions and residual stresses are calculated with minimal user input after the completion of filling and thermal analyses. All Results are available in about an hour, even on very large dies

die cast defects

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Passage/PowerCAST casting simulation software for sand casting, lost permanent mold.
die casting software

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