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Passage DEM coupled with 3D Flow

PASSAGE® /DieThermal Software 

PASSAGE /DieThermal is a PC / Workstation based CAE software for modeling and thermal analysis of dies used in stamping, casting, injection and compression molding and related processes. It provides analysis of the heating/cooling of the die and optimizes the location of the heating/cooling elements and their operating schedule.


The capabilities of PASSAGE /DieThermal  software are:

  • Thermal analysis of the die, including full coupling with of heat transfer with heating/ cooling lines.
  • Optimization of cooling Lines, including schedule to turn it on/off.
  • Die temperature distribution and distortion, including non-uniform thermal expansion, and uneven contact between die components.


Heating Line Design for a Stamping Die

Stamping Die

Temperature Distribution

Finite Element Mesh

Finite Element Mesh

Cooling Line Design for a Die-cast Part



Passage/ DieThermal brochure (.pdf)

Passage Die Thermal Software

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