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Passage DEM Software

Passage® software

Passage® software  is a collection of  finite element  programs solving complex flow, heat transfer and other related  problems in product design and manufacturing using advance CAE  techniques.

Technalysis offers the following stand-alone Passage programs:

PASSAGE/ FLOW   - Coupled fluid flow and heat transfer analysis. Solves a variety of flow problems, including nonlinear material properties, turbulence, phase change, multi-phase and reacting flows. Together with PASSAGE®/Sysflow, it can be used to provide a solution of component and system design issues for product and process design. Together with PASSAGE®/DEM, the software can be used to provide a solution of problems where micro- and macro-scale issues are combined. Passage 3D Fluid Flow Software
PASSAGE/ Discrete Element Method (DEM) -discrete element modeling program is for predicting the flow particles under a wide variety of forces. The particles can be of different shape and size with a given distributions. The particles can carry charge.  Individual charging of particles are calculated. Different properties of the particles such as charge, temperature, etc. can be predicted by tracking the motion of each particle. It can be used alone or together with our PASSAGE/FLOW Software.
DEM - discrete element method
PASSAGE/ Sysflow  -   is a one dimensional (1D) system fluid  flow modeling and heat transfer analysis program for the prediction of flow network performance and system design and analysis. Steady state, compressible and incompressible flow network problems can be solved including heat transfer effects. Virtually any flow network system and/or sub-system can be modeled using combinations of components included in the standard library.
Passage 1D system analysis software
PASSAGE/ PowerCAST  - casting simulation software is a 3-D Finite Element program for predicting the manufacturability of cast parts. Convective and conductive energy equations, and the Navier-Stokes equations are solved for the filling and solidification processes, allowing engineers to analyze design parameters from concept to production without being finite element experts.   Passage sand casting sofware

PASSAGE/ Compression  -  is a finite element program for the mold filling simulation of complex three-dimensional, thin-walled parts. Flow models include: Barone-Caulk hydrodynamic friction and generalized Newtonian fluid to simulate the non-isothermal filling of SMC, BMC, and glass; fiber orientation for SMC and curing kinetics for thermosets. 

Passage compression molding software
PASSAGE/ FreezeDrying - is a finite element modeling program aimed at assisting the user and designer of freeze-drying processes in improving the quality of freeze-dried products in pharmaceutical and food processes. Passage/FreezeDrying provides modeling of containers with axisymmetric boundary conditions with both primary and secondary drying simulation capabilities.  The software also handles containers with asymmetric boundary conditions, as in the case of vials placed in corners or near the walls of freeze-drying ovens.  Passage freeze drying software
PASSAGE/ DieThermal - software for modeling and thermal analysis of dies used in stamping, casting, injection and compression molding and related processes. It provides analysis of the heating/ cooling of the die and optimizes the location of the heating/cooling elements and their operating schedule. Passage die thermal software
dieCas® Software - dieCAS®  Software is for process modeling and analysis of die casting and related processes, including permanent mold, semi-permanent mold, and squeeze casting. dieCAS Software for die casting industry

Passage Software brochures (.pdf format)

Passage® Software can be customized per client's needs.


Advantages of Passage DEM+FLOW

By coupling PASSAGE: Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) and 3D FLOW software a variety of problems can be solved which can not be treated by using either one model individually. This capability allows modeling of liquids, gases, solid particles and their mixtures for many industrial problems in both micro and macro scales. It can be applied to process modeling of mixing, wetting, coating, filtration, fermentation and filling operations for applications in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, powders processing and emission control. 

DEM and FLOW modules can be coupled in a variety of ways depending on the application.

DEM+FLOW brochure (.pdf)

Advantages of using Passage 3D FLOW with 1D SYSFLOW

Simultaneous use of PASSAGE: 3D FLOW and 1D SYSFLOW software provides a practical tool for solving complex flow and heat transfer problems. This capability allows modeling of complex systems followed by detailed analysis of sub-systems and components. Design process start with developing the overall concept, detailing its components and ensuring that the overall performance and efficiency targets are met. Using PASSAGE: SYSFLOW one can develop an initial concept, perform sensitivity analysis to determine its critical components and set directions and further development. One can then proceed with detailed design using PASSAGE: FLOW at the same time refining SYSFLOW models and testing prototypes.

SYSFLOW + FLOW brochure (.pdf)


Passage Licensing Options:

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