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Passage DEM coupled with 3D Flow

Fermentation Technology

Some Objectives of Using CAE for Fermentation Tank Design:
  • Simulate fluid mixing and heat transfer
  •  Determine influence of cone angle on fluid mixing and temperature distribution
  • Locate temperature sensors for accurate process control

Some Benefits of Using CAE

  • Provide understanding of complex fluid mechanics and heat transfer occurring inside tank
  • Enable chemists to observe in fermentation mechanics that are difficult to measure experimentally
  • Minimize cost of building and testing
  • Improve process control through better understanding of system

Some Process Parameters

  • Tank capacity
  • Temperature control
  • Fermentation tank shape
  •  Type of cooling system
  •  Cooling media temperature 

Some Analysis Using Passage Software

  • Velocity distribution and streamlines indicating fluid mixing within tank
  • Isotherms describing fluid temperature distribution & mean temperature inside fermentation tank
  • Design evaluations for different process parameters like cone angle at tank bottom and rate of heat generation in fluid
  •  Location of sensor for better temperature control


Passage®/ DEM+FLOW Software

Example: Fluidized Bed Granulation of Tablets
Flow Model - Air Velocity
DEM Model Particles
Example: Mixing of Powders
DEM Model
FLOW Model
Example: Printing of Toners- Development Process (sample pictures)
Toner Voltage
Print pattern
Passge DEM Toner Voltage

Passage Discerete Element Modeling (DEM) Print Pattern


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