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  • PASSAGE®/SYSFLOW is a one dimensional (1D) computational fluid dynamics software for the prediction of flow network performance and system design and analysis.
  • PASSAGE®/SYSFLOW provides very useful information in understanding the flow splits in branched flow passages and the overall heat fluxes between components.
  • Using 1D  computational fluid flow software  is a very efficient and a relatively inexpensive tool for system analysis and design.
  • PASSAGE/SYSFLOW program is fast, user-friendly and effectively predicts performance in a variety of user-defined networks.
  • Steady state, compressible and incompressible flow network problems can be solved including heat transfer effects.
  • Virtually any flow network system and/or sub-system can be modeled using combinations of components included in the standard library.
  • A numerical model such as  PASSAGE/SYSFLOW fluid flow program as a design and analysis tool serves as an invaluable tool to study the flow and heat-transfer in complex systems and to optimize the design process in a more cost effective and timely fashion.



  • An X-Windows based graphical User Interface provides a user-friendly environment to build networks by interactively adding various components.
  • Existing components and their associated properties can be modified, deleted and moved easily to change the network characteristics or to build new networks from existing ones.
  • The Post-Processor is a powerful graphical tool for the result interpretation of pressure, velocity, temperature and density.
  •  Components:
    • Sources - fixed pressure or flows, pumps, fans
    • Pipes - different geometries
    • Fittings - contractions, expansions, bends, & junctions
    • Valves - proportional, relief
    • Heat Exchangers
    • Filters

Some Application Areas

  • Automotive HVAC systems
  • Power tools
  • Appliances
  • Electric motors and generators
  • piping networks
  • Engine coolant system analysis
  • Hydraulic system dynamics
  • Automatic transmission control valve design
  • Oil pressure  regulating valve dynamics
  • Fuel injector design
  • Emission control flow regulation
  • Braking system circuit  analysis
  • Utilities


  • Fluid Flow modeling -Network modeling 
  • Entire systems can easily be modeled
  • Models can be created early in the design cycle to detect potential problems
  • Models can easily be changed
  • Reduced solution time 
  • Powerful design tool as a system simulation software when combined with 3D Passage/Flow


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PASSAGE®/Sysflow 1D system flow analysis software was developed and is offered exclusively by Technalysis, Inc.

Advantages of using Passage 3D FLOW with 1D SYSFLOW

Simultaneous use of PASSAGE: 3D FLOW and 1D SYSFLOW software provides a practical tool for solving complex flow and heat transfer problems. This capability allows modeling of complex systems followed by detailed analysis of sub-systems and components. Design process start with developing the overall concept, detailing its components and ensuring that the overall performance and efficiency targets are met. Using PASSAGE: SYSFLOW one can develop an initial concept, perform sensitivity analysis to determine its critical components and set directions and further development. One can then proceed with detailed design using PASSAGE: FLOW at the same time refining SYSFLOW models and testing prototypes.

Passage/Sysflow Brochure (.pdf)
Passage/Sysflow with Flow Brochure (.pdf)

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