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Passage DEM coupled with 3D Flow

Passage® DEM - Granulation Process Capabilities

For modeling approach for granulation process, a practical solution may require computation of motion of billions of particles. Just using DEM models are not practical for full scale modeling. We use both DEM Models (micro-scale) and Continuum Models (macro-scale) for granulation. We predict macroscopic material properties of from microscopic properties.

Technalysis offers engineering services and software for both fluidized bed granulation and high shear granulation processes:

Fluidized Bed Granulation

  • In the fluidized bed granulation, the powder to be granulated is suspended in the heated air of a fluid bed, and a liquid binder sprayed from nozzles positioned above.
  • An impeller is used for agitation of particles.
  • Agglomeration or layering of particles provide granule growth which occurs in following steps:
    • A wet particle collides with another particle and a bound is formed by a liquid bridge.
    • Bond is solidified during the subsequent drying period.
  • A two-fluid-nozzle can spray upwards into the fluidized bed, and wetted particles may be transported pneumatically by the nozzle air.
  • Particles dry and fall down in the outer regions of the bed. Hence, a drying zone above the fluidized bed is formed.

High-Shear Granulation

  • The high-shear granulation process combines the active powder with a binder solution using a high-speed mixing blade and chopper.
  • Extremely high shear forces compared with other granulators.
  • It may be applicable to powders which can not be processed in low shear mixers/fluid bed granulators.
  • An impeller is used for mixing, a chopper is used for chopping of particles. Liquid is added to the container.
  • Drying process follows the wet granulation process.

Passage DEM granulation process capabilities

  • Mixing of dry and wet particles
  • Chopping and agglomeration of particles
  • Multi-phase flows with liquid and solid.
  • Containers with multiple impellers with complex shapes

Steps for Modeling of Granulation

  • Run simple computational experiments with DEM models using the material properties required for DEM analysis,
  • Run continuum models for the same simple experiments,
  • By comparing two solutions determine the material properties for the continuum model,
  • Run the continuum model with these properties.
  • These simple numerical experiments can also be supported with physical experiments.

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