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Passage DEM Software

Transmission cooling and other design problems

Since 1985, Technalysis has been providing advanced  CAE technology to the automotive, construction, agricultural equipment companies and its suppliers.

Technalysis can fully support or compliment client's engineering capabilities on problems related  to transmissions.

We work with OEM and suppliers on specific problems  related to transmission design. The process of solving transmission design problems will involve:

  • Gather the experimental data from the supplier, while studying the details of the supplier experimental set-up and the test conditions
  • Gather data from the OEM including the description of the test vehicle, transmission, cooling system and the environment
  • Provide simulation of transmission installation for the specific car installation
  • Provide design recommendation to both OEM and the supplier.

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Technalysis offers software customization of all Passage Software to meet specific customer needs. Contact Technalysis to discuss your needs.
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Passage Licensing Options:

Technalysis offers various licensing options and support to fit your needs and budget. Contact us to discuss your needs. E-mail or call 317-291-1985

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